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Featured Testimonials:

"Very good! I really enjoyed the header for my new page! Keep up the good work and God bless!"

- Conrad Nash,

The Heely Store.Com

"Straight PIMPIN'! Haha... yeah, I feel like I'm ripping you off, man. You should consider upping those prices!"



"...what can I say, I'm impressed! That header added a new level of professionalism to my page that I didn't expect to see. I'm anxious to work a little more on my site now! Thanks!"

- Christopher Holden,


Order Page

Here you will find the necessary information on ordering designs from Pink Peach Production.

Read and follow the specifications closely so that we can ensure your design is crafted and sent to you in a prompt and orderly fashion. If you have any questions prior to ordering, feel free to email me at

We have a 100% money back guarantee!

So go ahead... make a change in your business for the better!

What you need to know before ordering...

Below we have included a handful of different options based on what has served our customers well in the past. If what you are looking for isn't quite described on this page, check out our Frequently Asked Questions, or otherwise email us with any questions or comments you may have.

Be sure to include all important and relevant information when placing your order. The following is a guideline for submitting...

Author's Name (if it is to be included on the cover)
Ecover Format (i.e. "ebook, virtual packaging, membership, etc.")
Title or Main Text (the name of your product)
Sub Text or Motto (i.e. "...all you need to just succeed.")
Header and Footer size (we typically size to a 700 pixel width)
Footer Information (publisher name or URL will suffice)
Information to be Included on the Cover or Header (website URL, etc.)
Preferred Color Scheme or Design Idea (you can always leave this sort of thing solely to the descretion of our designers, but if you have something in mind to begin with, include a paragraph or two discussing how you wish your design to look)
Text for Sell Button ("Download Now" or "Order Here" for example)


Please be sure to double check your spelling! Sometimes website URL's or Ebook Titles contain unconventional spelling or words that are not commonly used. It is for this reason that we do not auto-correct what we may perceive to be errors in spelling. The more preliminary planning involved in your design, the faster we can mold that design into exactly what you want.

Also, if you already have images or logos that you wish to be included in your design, forward them via email attachment. If you don't have any images, no problem! We will provide everything you need at no additional charge!

How to Order

Basically, this is a three step process.


Determine what your company needs in terms of graphics, then find the corresponding option from the "Pink Peach Price List" below. If you don't find the option you are looking for, contact us anyway and we'll quote you a reasonable price!


Either click on the following link for our

comprehensive submission form,

or simply email us with all the information we need. From this point our designers will begin working on your product, updating and communicating with you every step of the way in order to ensure that what you want is what you get! You will be emailed marked samples of what we come up with, at which point you will determine whether or not you are satisfied.


Once you are satisfied with your new graphics, you will proceed to our price list below, wherein you will make your purchase via Paypal. After the transaction is complete, your graphics will be emailed to you per your specifications, unmarked, and 100% ready to make you more money!

Pink Peach Price List:

The following is a price guide for our most popular items. Remember, consultations are always free, so if you don't see exactly what you're looking for, let us know!



Your personal ecover design will include 5 images of varying sizes, displaying the design of your specification. This includes ebook covers, software box cover, report cover, CD or DVD cover, or membership card.

Standard Header


Your personal website header package will include one header and one matching footer. By standard, our headers and footers are created 700 pixels wide unless otherwise specified.

Animated Header


That's right! For only $10 more you can own an eye-catching header that is sure to draw in more business! With this purchase you will receive one animated header, one matching footer (non-animated), and one standard, non-animated version of your header. Size is subject to your request, but by standard all of our headers are created 700 pixels wide.

Mini-Site Elements Package


This is a steal... in this package you will get one ecover design of your choice in 5 varying sizes, one standard, non-animated header, one matching footer, one matching background, and one matching order button. That's everything you need to get your page up, running, and raking in the cash!

Deluxe Mini-Site Elements Package


Just like the standard "Mini-Site Elements Package," only this one is animated. This package includes one ecover design of your choice in 5 varying sizes, one animated header, one non-animated header, one matching footer, one matching background, and one matching order button. Definitely a bargain!

Mini-Site Layout + Elements Package


Sit back, and let Pink Peach Production do the rest. Included is your choice of ecover design, one animated or non-animated header, one matching footer, one matching background, and one matching order button. These elements are then pre-packaged and arranged on one page for you, ready to be launched and make you money. All you have to do is dictate the copy or sales letter and you're ready! What makes this option worth the price, however, is that in addition to all of these graphics, any new or needed graphics will be generated FREE of charge. How can you beat that?

"Well... what are you waiting for?"

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