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Featured Testimonials:

"Out of this world! I found the header you made for me to be quite enjoyable... kudos!"

- Leonard Krincher,

Space Hotel Resort

"Beautiful work! My site is coming along quite nicely because of you... wonderful, and a cutie to boot!"

-Ms. Clay,

Curious Fashions

"...awesome header, man. The animation really brings my page to life, so much so that people keep emailing me to find out where I got it from... so you can probably expect a little more business your way because of it. Thanks again!"

- Mike Lane,

Writer Bookie.Com

Pink Peach Portfolio

Below you will find various works from our portfolio, inlcluding ebook covers, headers, logos, order buttons... the whole nine yards!

And remember... just because you don't see it, that doesn't mean we can't do it!

Browsing is always free!

*Note* I am still in the process of adding more works to the portfolio. A lot of the images that I don't have displayed are either on a separate disk, or I am I still awaiting permission from my customers to display them. More will be added shortly...

E-Covers - Standard

The following images display the variety of different E-Covers out there, including Ebooks, Membership Cards, Virtual Packaging, and much, much more. I've tried to cover all the bases for examples, but check back in as I will be adding more very soon!

Animated E-Cover designs, like the one on the right, are available by request for the same price as an animated header, $39.95.

Headers - Animated

With headers like these, your business' look will scream "Hollywood," and who doesn't like movies? In case you haven't noticed, our very own header is animated...

In order to see the animations for each individual header below, simply hover your cursor over the images and watch these companies' logos come to life!

Note: Our animated headers can be designed to do most anything, but by standard they are created to automatically animate when their respected page loads. They serve as sort of an introduction to page, and therefore do not "loop." The option, however, is solely up to you.

Headers - Standard

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